I have Code   

With confirmation, you accept rights and responsibilities of members, according with the club rules and regulations, the Statute of Planinska zveza Slovenije and the Honorary Codecs of Slovenian mountaineers.

With confirmation you also accept the Privacy policy.

Duration of membership

The membership lasts from the date of enrolment until 31. 1. of next year. Membership and insurance become valid the following day after having received an electronic confirmation by PZS.

Delivery of membership card

Delivery time for your membership card and the sticker proving that you’ve paid the membership fee for 2019 is about one month (depending on the country of delivery). The card can also be sent to an address in Slovenia (hotel, hostel, camp, etc.), in which case the delivery time is up to ten days. If you’d like to have the card sent to a Slovenian address, enter the address in the field “Mailing address” during step 4. Make sure to use the following form: “address, your name, and surname”. Please tell the owner of the establishment (hotel, hostel, camp, etc.) that you're expecting a delivery.

The process of becoming an online member

The enrolment is carried out with the following procedure, which consists of two steps:

  1. Fill in the application form.
  2. Make the payment in the preferred mode.
After submitting the form the new member, or a member with a renewed status receives an e-mail confirmation that the process has been completed successfully.

Additional information: Katarina Maček, Payments and membership fees clerk at PZS, or by phone: +386 (0)1 43 45 688.

Privacy policy

By becoming a member you allow the processing of your personal data in the club register of members, and in the register of Planinska zveza Slovenije. You also allow the forwarding of data to a selected insurance company in order to obtain a membership scheme. Only the information marked as mandatory will be forwarded to the insurance company. The data will not be send to third persons and are handled in accordance with internal rules and law demands.

In accordance with the Societies Act, the Personal Data Protection Act, the rules and regulations of Planinska zveza Slovenije (PZS), and the club rules and regulations, all members have to fill in a membership agreement / application form.

The data are collected in the membership records of the club, and in the central membership records of PZS. The collection is based on the individual's consent. The purpose of this is to ensure membership rights, to obtain insurance for the members, to notify the members, and to keep records of assigned professional titles and awards given by PZS. This is necessary also in order to notify the subscribers to the Planinski vestnik magazine, and to perform all the remaining tasks in accordance with the mountaineering organization performance targets. The volume of notifications you want to receive can be chosen during the online enrolment process.